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Welcome to Department of Library and Information Science (DLIS)

S.S.V.COLLEGE LIBRARY (SSVCL) is functioning under the Department of Library and Information Science, which caters to the information needs of the faculty members, students, staff, and research scholars. The SSVCL possesses around 129546 books, covering the disciplines of Humanities, Science, Commerce, and Management. The SSVCL collection comprises printed documents such as books, reports, theses, atlases, and back volumes of journals. The SSVCL is a member of DELNET and INFLIBNET - NLIST.

SSVCL is housed in multi-storey building for users to pursue their academic and research activities by way of reading books ,using internet facility and reading room facility etc. All activities of SSVCL are computerized, Bar-coded books, Bar-coded ID cards, SMS alert service for library transactions and separate On- line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) terminals to know the status of books at any time.

Recognizing the role of library and information services in meeting the requirements of the Institute's academic and research, the SSVCL was set-up as one of the key Divisions of the S.S.V. College. The library started functioning from a small room in the College. Over a period of 70 years, the library has grown quite impressively. The SSVCL Equipped with latest designed furniture and fittings, the library has all modern equipment to support its diverse range of activities. State-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) products are in place to modernizes its operations and services. All sections of SSVCL are under CCTV surveillance for smooth functioning of all the library operations. It meets the complex information requirements of a variety of its users satisfactorily. All this has been made possible through the team work exhibited by all the members of the team working in the Library.


In keeping with the vision and mission of the Institute, the library has been established to promote knowledge generation and application through its effective dissemination. The library, therefore, acts as the main learning resource centre of the Institute and provides services and facilities to meet the requirements of the Institute's teaching, training, research and consultancy programmers.


  • To support the learning process of the UG and PG, students through provision of knowledge/information.
  • To meet knowledge/information needs of the faculty, to support their teaching activities.
  • A computer lab has been established to provide net based knowledge for the students make them updated regarding in their field of study. This laboratory having 20nodes with internet connectivity.
  • To meet knowledge/information needs of the faculty and research staff to support their research activities.
  • To respond effectively, where possible, to the knowledge/information needs of the Institute's client systems.

Opening Hours

Library remains open Monday to Saturday , excepting gazetted holidays. However full range of services are provided from 9.00 hrs to 5.00PM. Whereas circulation services take place upto 2.00 PM only.

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