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History :- Department of economics was established in 1957. The modern economics department has roots in the late 19th century and Economics gained prominence as a distinct academic discipline in the early 20th century. The field expanded globally, with institutions like the World Bank influencing economic policies. Recent years have seen a growing emphasis on environmental and developmental economics, reflecting evolving societal concerns. The economics department remains central in shaping economic thought and policy.


  Mission :- The economics department aims to provide a rigorous education in economic theory and analysis. It strives to foster critical thinking, quantitative skills, and an understanding of economic phenomena. The department seeks to produce graduates who can apply economic principles to real-world issues and contribute to informed decision-making. Research endeavours focus on advancing economic knowledge and addressing contemporary challenges. The department aspires to cultivate a diverse and inclusive academic environment. It encourages collaboration among faculty and students to contribute to the broader intellectual discourse in economics. Ultimately, the mission is to equip individuals with the tools to comprehend, analyse, and contribute positively to the complex landscape of economic systems.


  Vision :-  The economics department envisions being a leader in economic research and education. It strives to continuously innovate in teaching methods, embracing emerging trends and technologies. The department aims to cultivate a dynamic and inclusive academic community that fosters creativity and collaboration. It seeks to influence public policy and contribute to societal well-being through impactful research. The vision includes a commitment to promoting economic literacy and addressing contemporary challenges on a global scale. Overall, the economics department aspires to shape the future of economic thought and practice.